Gonzaga Middle School of Winnipeg empowers underserved children from low-income neighbourhood families to develop to their full potential while accompanying them on their educational journey from middle school through high school and beyond. It supports students breaking the cycle of poverty by providing an enhanced, holistic, culturally-sensitive, Jesuit-inspired middle school education.



GMS complements public and independent schools already in existence and pursues collaboration and companionship with our families and community partners.

GMS seeks to develop “men and women for others.” Through the application of a distinctive Jesuit Nativity model education and graduate support program, it prepares students and supports student success in high school and post-secondary study. It strives to graduate students who are loving, intellectually competent, open to growth, spiritually alive and committed to doing justice.

GMS supports its students of all cultural and faith backgrounds in their growth toward becoming hopeful, confident, morally responsible leaders for love and service of their families and communities.