GMS, like all NativityMiguel schools makes a commitment to ongoing inquiry and assessment to inform educational practice and evaluate school mission progress. Some aspects of our measurement practice include:

Local Assessment Measures

GMS teachers utilize in-depth assessment techniques and report all student measures required by Manitoba Education: subject specific knowledge and skills, school engagement and participation, personal management skills and social responsibility. This will be supplemented by Information Technology and Digital Literacy assessment and other qualitative, affective and GMS mission value assessments.

International Assessment Measures

GMS uses MAP tests to assess student progress against international benchmarks in English language, reading and mathematics. Other reading measures may also be used to help assess student progress.


Strength-Based Measures

GMS uses a student strength instrument based on a model developed by Mother Theresa Middle School (Regina) for helping to assess student hope, wellness and engagement and to help students reflect on their strengths. Staff explore and reflect on their strengths and to collaboratively build a strength-based leadership team and school culture.


 Membership and School Registration and Accreditation:

  • GMS is fully registered as Funded Independent school (enabling it to receive a percentage of the operating grant given to public schools) with Manitoba Education. 
  • GMS is a small independent school that is a registered associate member of the Manitoba Federation of Independent Schools.
  • GMS is endorsed by the Jesuits of Canada who support its mission and provide feedback on its program. It is supported through its partnership with St. Paul’s High School and association with St. Mary’s Academy.
  • GMS is networked with the NativityMiguel Coalition ( of schools found across the United States and is the second Jesuit endorsed Nativity model middle school in Canada after Mother Teresa Middle School of Regina which was founded in 2011.
  • GMS is also be a member of the Jesuit School Network ( ) which supports all Jesuit secondary and pre-secondary schools across the United States and Canada