A key element of a NativityMiguel school’s program and all Nativity model schools is the commitment to continue to support and follow students after graduation from middle school, through high school and post-secondary study. This is seen as essential in helping Nativity schools fulfill their long term educational mission and goals. At GMS we will follow and support our students to employment primarily through the office of the Student and Graduate Support Director.

Some of the main tasks of the person who will take on this position include:

  • Monitoring student attendance and helping to work towards a student daily attendance rate greater than 95%.
  • Working as part of the GMS team to obtain student success in non-academic areas of development.
  • Assisting in the admission of new students.
  • Be the key staff person assisting with identifying prospective students in the community.
  • Planning and organizing after school enrichment opportunities for students based on interests and strength.
  • Providing access to external support programs and counseling services.
  • Providing support to classroom teachers in dealing with the individual educational needs of each student.
  • Preparing individual, non-academic development plans for students.
  • Helping deliver summer programming based on student needs and interests.
  • Liaising with families of students to ensure active parent engagement.
  • Visiting with parents to ensure students’ needs are being met.
  • Serving as a mentor to students and front line support to parents.
  • Coordinating the professional adult – student mentoring program*
  • Assisting staff in offering care and concern for the whole person.
  • Assisting students with transitioning to high school and post-secondary studies
  • Maintaining contact with, monitoring and providing ongoing support to students and families after graduation.

* An Adult/Professional – Student Mentorship program will be established when students are proceeding through Grade 7. More information will be made available when the program is being established.