GMS will rely on the generosity of its donors to offer its program of excellence and help break the cycle of poverty. Long term sustainability and success has occurred in schools such as GMS where the community has embraced the school and “owned” it. While the costs of the program will be in excess of $20,000 per student per annum, a student’s family only contributes $50 per month. Future fundraising events, and a variety of potential gifts such as student sponsorships, in kind donations, support from foundations, grants and especially individual donations are key to the long term viability of the school to achieve the identified benefits.

GMS is a recognized not-for-profit charitable institution and gifts are eligible for a donation tax credit from CRA.

Our CRA Charitable registration number is 813613767RR0001

For the first three years GMS will not receive any funding from the Province as an independent school. After three years it will become eligible for the “funded Independent School” per pupil grant. Significant financial contributions will continue to be needed to bridge the gap between the per student government grant provided to all independent schools and the cost to deliver our program.

Ways to Give

  1. Individual Donations: various programs of giving will be developed including direct individual gifts, sponsoring a student for 1-year or 3-years, in kind donations, attending a fundraiser, transfer of shares, etc.
  2. Foundation Grants: if you know of a foundation or community agency to which we should apply or if you would like to volunteer to assist with foundation grant applications please let us know.
  3. Company Giving programs: Many companies have giving programs that make donating to charities easy and can increase the impact of your gift. Some employers will match employee donations, so ask your employer to add Gonzaga Middle School to your annual campaign. Spread the word with your co-workers about the school’s efforts to transform lives through education.
  4. Corporate or Business gifts: The generosity of businesses will allow us to make an even broader impact on students in our community, and provide the resources necessary to help us have a real impact on education in the inner-city neighbourhoods we will serve. We see such partnerships with companies committed to education and developing Manitoba’s workforce from within as an essential building block for the future of Winnipeg. Please consider us in your business giving plan and becoming a giving partner.



All gifts, regardless of type and size, are critical investments in support of our students and the development of our school. Without the support of friends and benefactors, we will not be able to educate our students. Please consider donating to the education of our students – changing lives, and developing potential through education – one student at a time.

For more information contact Tom Lussier – Executive Director at 204-949-7101 or by email.

Thank you again for believing in the promise of our students.